PNPSECURE Security Solution

PNPSECURE Security Solution

What is Zero Trust? 

Zero Trust is a security framework for securing data for today's digital transformation, assuming that digital threats always exists outside and also inside the network. 

The main motto behind the framework is “never trust, always verify,” meaning that no device or person, whether external or internal, should be trusted by default. 

It prevents various security threats in digital work environments such as telecommuting and remote work, by identifying users based on "who" rather than "when and where they are," and also by controlling access to data based on user verifications results. 

Who is it?

Identity Authentication

Powerful authentication method

Convenient Verifying Procedure

Is it Permitted?

Access Management

Continuous validation of access 

Logging and real-time monitoring 

Main Principles of

Zero Trust 


User Authentication 


Creating authentication policies 

by setting reliability in subjects accessing resources as a key factor